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SAPOT Warriors

SAPOT Warrior is a certified peer supporter (i.e., recovered and trained mental health survivors) who shares their recovery journey and guides you to seek the right solutions. They undergo training under ImROC, UK to support those who are struggling with mental health. Our SAPOT Warriors will be just like a friend whom you can talk to and will help you uncover your underlying issues.

Our SAPOT Warriors have also been trained with psychological first aid. If you need someone to talk to who can understand what you are going through, schedule a session with our SAPOT Warriors.

SAPOT Stories

Read life story of others and share yours as well. Stories help us get a glimpse into the lives of strangers and realise that we are more alike than we are different. Sharing your life story may inspire others and make them feel they are not alone. Let your voice break the mental health stigma.


SAPOT Tools are digitised therapy worksheets, techniques, and assessments that you can access wherever, whenever. Through self-discovery, these tools help you uncover the root cause of your issues and the actions you can take to address them.

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