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Shared Experiences

What is a
SAPOT Warrior?

SAPOT Warrior is an ImROC certified Peer Supporter (recovered and trained mental health survivors) who shares their recovery journey and guides you to seek the right solutions.

ImROC is a world-renowned organisation in the UK that trains Peer Support in organisations. SAPOT is collaborating with ImROC UK to provide Accredited Peer Support Training for the first time in Malaysia!

How To Talk To
A SAPOT Warrior?


Choose Your Preferred SAPOT Warrior

Browse through the stories of our mental health survivors and the struggles they overcame. Resonate with their story or want to learn something from them? Just book a session!


Book Your Preferred Timing

Choose a date and time that you're both free and lock in that date! Try a free session with our PFA trained mental health survivors or really dive in deep with our Certified Peer Supporters.

Fatiha Shuib

ADHD & Bipolar Survivor


Attend Your Session

Once you've booked a session, check your email for your booking confirmation and timely reminders to make sure you don't miss the date!


Let Us Know How It Went!

Our SAPOT Warrior would send you a feedback form after the session. Be sure to let us know how it went so that we can improve and make the whole experience much better for you in the future.

(Pssstt we can keep a secret - just stay anonymous if you want it to stay between us)

Are you A Recovered
Mental Health Survivor?

SAPOT Warrior is about people who have similar experiences coming together to offer and receive help based on a shared understanding. We are the first to bring the training from ImROC, a world-renowned organisation in the UK that trains Peer Supporters in organisations into Malaysia!