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Masyitah Sabri

Diagnosis: ADHD, Major Depressive Disorder

Hello, I'm Masyitah. I had been diagnosed with ADHD in 2022, previously MDD in 2020. I took the respective medication and had occasional talking therapies. In the past, I had trouble accepting myself as an individual and largely conformed to societal expectations of excellence, thus struggling when things go differently. MDD symptoms disrupted my daily functions, which led to extending my undergraduate duration. I grew up relatively isolated and had difficulties maintaining healthy intra- and interpersonal relationships, which significantly contribute to mental health struggles. We are a society and live together, not merely individuals in vacuum. In seeking help, we also seek to improve the overall quality of our lives. I would be glad to offer a listening ear, share my experience in seeking help and what comes afterwards, such as reintegrating into daily life.