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Rynn Saidi

Diagnosis: ADHD, Social Anxiety

Hi I'm Rynn, a mother to 4 precious daughters and a freelance writer/researcher. I was diagnosed with ADHD in April 2022, about a year after my eldest got her ADHD diagnosis. Raising a child with special needs while struggling with my own mental health issues is rough. I have some improvement on medication, but not enough. I went for psychotherapy sessions with a clinical psychologist to help me overcome social anxiety. We used Schema Therapy, which is a combination CBT, Gestalt Therapy, and Bowlby and Ainsworth's Attachment Theory. God willing, I'm almost healed from my childhood traumas, the root cause of my social anxiety. Yet, progress is not linear. If you need someone to talk to, I will be there to lend my ears. As someone growing up emotionally deprived, I understand how it feels to be lonely & misunderstood. You don't have to be alone. Please reach out