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Samantha Tan

Diagnosis: Panic Disorder

Hi I am Samantha. I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder back in 2019 due to being overwhelmed by extreme stress and heartbreak from a harsh breakup. I went through a combination treatment of medication and holistic approach for a period of time and proud to say I'm definitely in a much better condition now as I am before. I was born with severe eczema and grew up with an abusive mother. Therefore in summary, I lived moved of my life similar to Elsa from the Disney Frozen movie afraid and often hiding behind closed doors (Don't worry I am more like Anna now). I'm extremely grateful to be able to be who and where I am right now both mentally and physically. I love that my educational background in Counselling and Psychology has broaden my knowledge of how human's mind and behavior works and I'm proud to say it was also a self-healing journey for myself too. I hope to be able to make a difference in someone's life by sharing my knowledge and experience one day.