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Samantha Tan

Hi I am Samantha. I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder back in 2019 due to being overwhelmed by extreme stress and heartbreak from a harsh breakup. I went through a combination treatment of medication and holistic approach for a period of time and proud to say I’m definitely in a much better condition now as […]

Masyitah Sabri

Hello, I’m Masyitah. I had been diagnosed with ADHD in 2022, previously MDD in 2020. I took the respective medication and had occasional talking therapies. In the past, I had trouble accepting myself as an individual and largely conformed to societal expectations of excellence, thus struggling when things go differently. MDD symptoms disrupted my daily […]


Hi and Assalamu’alaikum I’m Adila. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 2 in 2013 and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) later in 2017. I’m currently on antidepressant to help manage my illnesses. I have been struggling with depression since i was still a kid, so life has taught me a lot. On the bright side, it […]